6 pm to 8 pm
Knowlwood Restaurant
2107 E. 17th Street
David Tristan, deputy executive director of the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission, will speak to us as we consider whether Santa Ana should have such a commission.

Santa Ana Coalition for Better Government

We are a group of residents and business owners in Santa Ana who want to make Orange County's seat a better place to live, work and visit.

Our mission is to bring together neighborhoods, businesses, political affiliations and ethnicities to encourage civic participation and promote and advocate for efficient, transparent, accountable and ethical governance by the elected and administrative officials of the city of Santa Ana. Get involved by signing up below and Like Us on Facebook


Our Goals are to:

  • Demand transparency in local government
  • Promote community issues and concerns
  • Identify conflict of interest and ethical lapses
  • Increase outreach and communication to and from the community
  • Encourage and promote community leadership

We are making an ethical pact to every Santa Ana resident:

Excellence. We strive for excellence and expect it from our elected and community leaders.
Transformational. We call for change and lobby elected and community leaders to improve our city. 
Holistic. We recognize we are part of a community and work for diversity and inclusiveness. 
Integrity & Ethics. We expect integrity and ethical behavior from ourselves and our elected leaders. 
Community Focus. We support people and actions that serve the needs and interests of our community.
Advocacy. We advocate for a better quality of life for all city residents. 
Leadership. We lead by example. We develop leaders who in turn empower our community.

assion. We are passionate to create a greater future.
Accountability. We hold ourselves and our elected leaders accountable so community needs are the priority.
Collaboration. We use team work, maintain a win-win attitude, and collaborate with community partners.
Technology. We embrace technology and changes that make us more effective and efficient.